Nuggets of Wisdom

(AKA: FAQ’s, or Frequently Asked Questions)

Below are answers to the questions we most frequently hear from our customers, those both current and soon-to-be.
If you have a question not answered below, feel free to give us a call and ask!

What are the requirements to be a guest at your facility?

Answer: All guests must be up to date on vaccinations (rabies, bordetella, and distemper/parvo) and flea and tick preventative at time of arrival for their boarding or daycare reservation. We also require that all dogs are friendly with people as well as other dogs, unless otherwise arranged. If you have a concern or are unsure about how your pet will respond, please book a meet and greet with us prior to your reservation!


Does my dog need to be spayed or neutered?

Answer: No, we do not require dogs to be spayed or neutered, but there is an additional fee for unaltered dogs over six months of age. All unaltered dogs will be kept separate from play groups and we will not accept dogs that are in heat or that are too assertive.


Do you require a deposit for reservations?

Answer: Yes, we require a one-night deposit for all boarding reservations. We cannot guarantee a reservation without a deposit. If you make a deposit and need to cancel, please see our refund policy for more details.


What should I bring for my boarding reservation?

Answer: Please bring the following to your boarding reservation:

  • updated vaccination records
  • pre-packaged food (per meal is best!)
  • medications or supplements


Note: We provide bedding to all boarding guests! You are more than welcome to bring personal bedding but we are not responsible for any damaged bedding.


If my dog is boarding, can I take them out for the day?

Answer: Of course – we understand that they’re family too! There are plenty of dog-friendly attractions and restaurants across the Grand Strand to enjoy (ask us for recommendations!) We just ask that you bring them back at least two hours before closing to give them time to get situated for the night.

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